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Why is Summer the Ideal Time for Your Child’s Ear Pinning Surgery? New York City, NY
Young woman pinting at her earlobe.

Children with large, protruding or oddly shaped ears are sometimes subjected to teasing and bullying by their peers, particularly during their early school years. Ear pinning surgery, also called otoplasty, can help prevent your child from being taunted or self-conscious. Summer is the best time for children to undergo ear pinning surgery, as they can heal in time for the new school year.

What is Ear Pinning?

Ear pinning is a minimally invasive procedure that involves surgically angling the ears closer to the head. It is appropriate for young people ages 5-14 because their cartilage has not entirely hardened. However, adults can also gain from this aesthetic surgery.

The outer ear (pinna) is reshaped during ear pinning. When you have your ears pinned back, you can also have various aesthetic changes made, such as:

  • Reducing ear size
  • Modifying the size and angle between the ears for symmetry
  • Repairing stretched or torn earlobes

Why is Summer the Ideal Time for Ear Pinning Surgery?

Even if you were never the target of bullying at school, you probably know that teenagers can be ruthless. If your child undergoes ear pinning surgery in the summer, they will not have to deal with the awkward stares and inquiries from their classmates during recovery. In the fall, they can return to school with a fresh look and increased confidence.

No School Absences

Although ear pinning is an outpatient procedure, your child will need to heal at home for about a week. During this week, your child may experience pain (which can be managed with medicine) and must wear a compression bandage on the treated ears for three to five days. Once a week has passed, the bandages and stitches can be removed.

Reduce Risks of Bumping into Others

After undergoing ear pinning surgery, your child must protect their ears as much as possible. During the summer, they are not likely to accidentally bump into their classmates.

Allow Time for Scars to Heal and Avoid Getting Embarrassed

When the bandages are taken off, there will be some visible scarring, but it will go away quickly. Patients recovering from ear surgery must wear a headband at night for two weeks after the bandages are taken off. However, some people wear it during the day to protect their ears further.

Parents Have Control Over the Healing Process

You have significantly more control over your child’s aftercare if they are at home. For example, you can ensure they follow their recovery plan, take care of essential bandage changes and surgical site cleaning.

Ear Pinning in New York City

If you have questions regarding ear pinning surgery or think your child is ready for it, contact our New You Plastic Surgery offices in NYC today. We can schedule a consultation to determine whether your child is a good candidate for ear pinning surgery.

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