Revision Rhinoplasty

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Revision Rhinoplasty

In the delicate world of facial refinement, sometimes a work of art needs some resculpting. Welcome to the world of Revision Rhinoplasty in New York City and Long Island, where Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart, take a problem and create a solution, sculpting your nose to what you need and want. Just as a skilled artist revisits their masterpiece to enhance and redefine, Revision Rhinoplasty is the encore for those seeking better nasal harmony. Join us on a journey where precision meets passion, and your nose becomes the masterpiece it was always meant to be.

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What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty, also known as Secondary Rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure in New York performed to correct or enhance the results of a previous Rhinoplasty (nose job). While primary Rhinoplasty aims to address specific concerns and achieve the desired nasal shape, some individuals may require additional refinement or correction due to various reasons, including unsatisfactory outcomes from previous surgeries, changes in nasal structure over time, or the need for further adjustments to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional results. Revision Rhinoplasty is a specialized procedure tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our patients and achieve a harmonious and natural-looking nasal appearance.

What are the benefits of Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision Rhinoplasty in Long Island and New York City offers several benefits for individuals seeking to improve the results of previous nose surgery: 

  • Correcting unsatisfactory results
  • Functional improvement
  • Enhancing aesthetics
  • Restoring nasal structure
  • Boost in confidence

Who are the best candidates for the Revision Rhinoplasty procedure?

The best candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty typically include individuals in Long Island or Manhattan who: 

  • Have previously undergone rhinoplasty
  • Experience functional concerns
  • Desire aesthetic refinement
  • Maintain realistic expectations
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have completed initial healing

What’s the
first step?

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Revision Rhinoplasty first steps

Embarking on the path to Revision Rhinoplasty begins with a thoughtful consultation at New You Plastic Surgery in Long Island or NYC, a pivotal moment where you openly discuss your concerns, aspirations, and any challenges stemming from previous nose surgery. 

Sharing your medical history and aesthetic goals with Dr. Nikfarjam allows our experienced team to conduct a thorough examination, carefully assessing the intricacies of your nasal structure. This evaluation forms the basis for professional guidance on whether Revision Rhinoplasty is a suitable option for achieving your desired outcomes.

What to expect on the day of Revision Rhinoplasty surgery

On the day of your Revision Rhinoplasty at New You Plastic Surgery in Long Island or Manhattan, anticipation meets expertise as you prepare to embark on your revisional journey. 

As you step into our surgical suite, meticulous planning comes to life. Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart will navigate the complexities of revision surgery with a commitment to refining and enhancing your nasal contours. The procedure is conducted with utmost precision, addressing previous concerns and sculpting the nose to align with your desired outcome. This can be a minor adjustment, to a full reshaping.  

Our surgeons will make incisions based on the specific revisions needed for your nose. These incisions are typically made inside the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or may involve an additional external incision across the nose (open rhinoplasty). We will carefully modify the nasal structure to achieve the desired outcome. This may involve reshaping the cartilage, adjusting the nasal tip, or addressing any asymmetry.

Following surgery, you’ll be guided through the initial stages of recovery. Your Revision Rhinoplasty at New You is a testament to your dedication to excellence, blending artistry with surgical skills to redefine and enhance your nasal aesthetics.

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

Expect some initial swelling and bruising around the nose when the surgery is complete, which is a natural part of the healing process. During the initial days following the Revision, discomfort is managed with prescribed medications, and it’s crucial to follow the recommended care routines.

Wearing any prescribed nasal splints or dressings is essential, and avoiding strenuous activities that could impact the healing process is advised.

How much does Revision Rhinoplasty cost in Long Island, NY?

The cost of Revision Rhinoplasty at New You Plastic Surgery in New York City and Long Island can vary based on several factors, including the extent of the revision needed, to the specific techniques employed. To receive accurate information tailored to your unique case, we recommend scheduling a consultation. 

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Why choose
new you
plastic surgery?

Choosing New You Plastic Surgery for Revision Rhinoplasty means entrusting your nasal refinement journey to the skilled hands of Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam. Renowned for his expertise and commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Nikfarjam is a board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to achieving exceptional results.

At New You Plastic Surgery, we understand that Revision Rhinoplasty requires a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of the patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Nikfarjam’s extensive experience and artistic skill allow him to address previous concerns while harmonizing the nose with your overall facial aesthetics.

With a focus on open communication and realistic expectations, Dr. Nikfarjam collaborates with you to create a treatment plan that aligns with your goals. Choose New You Plastic Surgery for Revision Rhinoplasty, and let Dr. Nikfarjam be your partner in achieving a harmonious and natural-looking nasal appearance. 

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