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Buccal Fat Removal

The buccal fat pad fills in the deep tissue spaces to help cushion the area between your chewing muscles. While they are important to have, some people’s pads are larger than what is natural for the size of their face, which creates the term widely heard of as “chipmunk cheeks”. For some people, that can be a confidence deflator. Those who wish their cheeks were more proportionate to their faces can schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart for Buccal Fat Removal in Long Island and the surrounding area of New York City. Below, we have included some information regarding this cosmetic procedure.

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What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal Fat Removal, also referred to as Cheek Fat Reduction surgery or Bichectomy is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that can accentuate the contours of your face by reducing the fullness of your mid-cheek area. This causes your face to look slimmer and gives you the popular “high cheekbone” look. While the surgery is simple, it does take a skilled hand and artistic eye to achieve optimal results, which Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulartat New You Plastic Surgery are known to have.

What are the benefits of Buccal Fat Removal?

Some of the major benefits our patients who get Buccal Fat Removal in New York City and Long Island have seen from their treatment include:
A more balanced overall facial shape

  • Create a more slender, v-shaped lower facial contour
  • Enhance the appearance of high cheekbones
  • Improve the definition of the cheeks and jawline
  • No visible scarring
  • Reduce excessive cheek fullness

Who Are The Best Candidates For Buccal Fat Removal Procedure?

You could be a great candidate for Buccal Fat Removal in Long Island and New York City if you have the following characteristics:
At a healthy and stable weight

  • Dislike the fullness of your cheeks
  • Have realistic expectations from surgical outcome
  • Low self-esteem due to your facial anatomy
  • Overall good physical health

What’s the
first step?

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Buccal Fat REmoval first steps

The first step to getting Buccal Fat Removal surgery in Long Island and Manhattan, NYC is to have an evaluation and consultation with Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart to see if this procedure will give you the results you desire. During your appointment, you’ll be able to explain your goals for surgery and ask questions about the procedure and your options. Dr. Nikfarjam will evaluate your face and cheeks to make his suggestions and come up with a surgical plan. You will be asked questions about your medical history, so it’s important to be upfront and honest when having your discussion.

 If you are satisfied with the plan Dr. Nikfarjam creates for you and you would like to pursue the procedure, our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule your surgical date and provide you with some directions to follow.

What to expect on the day of Buccal Fat Removal surgery

 On the day of your surgery, depending on your preferences, we will administer local or general anesthesia for your comfort.

 Once sedated, your mouth will be propped open at a comfortable level and your cheek will be gently pulled back. Dr. Nikfarjam will make a very small incision inside the cheek to identify the buccal fat pad. He will then gently tease the fat out of its pocket to remove it. Once the fat is removed, Dr. Nikfarjam will place two or three dissolvable stitches to close the incision.

 The entire surgery should take under one hour but can vary from patient to patient.

Buccal Fat Removal Recovery

You will be monitored in our recovery room after your surgery, but once you are cleared to leave, you will be able to return home to recover in peace. You are encouraged to have a friend or relative provide you with a ride home as you may still be under the influence of sedation.

Most patients find recovery to be generally easy and take about one or two days. You can expect to experience some mild pain/ soreness, which will subside after a few days. Your cheeks will appear slightly fuller during the first week due to swelling but should return to their normal appearance within a week or so.

 Swelling will continue to subside with your results starting to be seen as early as four weeks post-surgery, and then progressively improving for several months thereafter.

During recovery, it’s important to be careful not to bite down on the cheek area, so the incision can properly heal and sutures can dissolve. Pain medication can be prescribed and ice packs will help with swelling and discomfort.

How Much Does Buccal Fat Removal Cost In Long Island, NY?

The cost of Buccal Fat Removal in Long Island and Manhattan, NYC will depend on multiple factors, including the techniques used, anesthesia fees, and surgeon fees. The best way to learn how much your procedure will cost is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Nikfarjam. After making your procedure plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to provide you with a complete breakdown of the total price.

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Why choose
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At New You Plastic Surgery, you will find a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures. Whether you are seeking a Mommy Makeover to reclaim your body after childbirth, breast implants, a facelift, rhinoplasty, or you need reconstructive surgery from an injury, we can help. We offer head-to-toe transformations to help you look and feel your best. Browse our website to learn all about the services we offer. Feel free to examine the before and after photos to see the results you can achieve.

The founder of New You, Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam is an American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon based in Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area. Dr. Nikfarjam is well known for his expertise in emergency, cosmetic, and reconstructive plastic surgery and has many journal articles and textbook chapters published throughout the world. Blending both the functional and aesthetic components of the plastic surgery field allows patients to access life-changing procedures that may otherwise have been out of reach. Dr. Nikfarjam leads his team in supporting his vision that plastic surgery is holistic- allowing space for positive lifestyle changes that give patients a happier, healthier state of being and lifelong improvements in overall health. A vanguard of a new generation of plastic surgeons, Dr. Nikfarjam brings a refreshing perspective to a field that has once often been perceived as rigid and unapproachable.

 From the moment you walk in the door, we strive to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming experience. We will help you understand all your treatment options and carefully listen to your concerns. Skilled NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Nikfarjam can recommend a custom treatment plan that is perfect for you. We can help you with financing and payment options to help you get the cosmetic procedures you deserve. Discover a new you by scheduling a consultation.

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A Buccal Fat Removal in New York can do so much to help you achieve a slimmer, more contoured face and achieve your aesthetic goals. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart, please call our practice or use our website to schedule your appointment and a member of our team will contact you.


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