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MOH’s Reconstruction

MOH’s reconstruction surgery is a facial anatomy restoration procedure done after skin cancer removal is performed in the facial area. Board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart are uniquely trained, with extensive experience in MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery after skin cancer removal in the Long Island and New York City area. To learn more about this procedure, please keep reading below.

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What is MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery?

Once all of the cancerous tissue has been removed for a skin cancer patient, the facial area will be left with noticeable surgical wounds. Whilst there are multiple options for healing depending on the location, size, and depth of the defect, the most aesthetically appealing option for those wounds that are deeper or too large to heal on their own is MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery. Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart of New You Plastic Surgery offer this type of restorative surgery to repair the target area with minimal damage and scarring as would be caused by traditional surgeries.

 Depending on the size, shape, and placement of the defect, Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart perform a variety of reconstruction methods, such as flaps or grafts, to cover and repair the area.

What are the Benefits of MOH’s Reconstruction?

MOH’s reconstructive surgery in Long Island and New York City can offer a safe, reliable solution for those seeking to treat their skin condition effectively and safely. Here are some of its benefits:

 Accurate and precise tumor removal

  • Effective treatment for difficult-to-treat areas
  • Faster healing time
  • Improved Cosmetic Results compared to other cancer treatments
  • Minimal scarring compared to other cancer removal surgeries
  • Minimally invasive
  • Preservation of healthy tissue

Who are the Best Candidates for a MOH’s Reconstruction Procedure?

Good candidates for Dr. Nikfarjam’s MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery in Long Island and the greater New York metropolitan area are any patients who have wounds resulting from skin cancer removal that cannot be closed well just with simple stitches or without excessive tension. Some characteristics also include:

  • Are not immuno-suppressed
  • Do not have major underlying medical conditions
  • Have scars and wounds unable to close naturally
  • Have well-nourished and moisturized skin
  • Maintain realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Not currently pregnant or nursing

What’s the
first step?

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Facial Trauma Surgery first steps

​​The first step in getting MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Nikfarjam is to schedule a consultation at one of our several practice locations, either in Long Island or in NYC. On the day of your appointment, Dr. Nikfarjam will evaluate your wounds and scars from the skin cancer removal surgery. He will also evaluate a realistic expectation for the restoration of your facial anatomy. Furthermore, he will review your medical history to ensure you qualify for MOH’s reconstruction surgery.

 You should discuss any pre-operative care needs with Dr. Nikfarjam that may influence the outcome of the surgery.

What to Expect on the Day of MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you will require general anesthesia to be administered for your comfort and pain management. The procedure required for MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery depends entirely on the area, depth, shape, and placement of the facial defects post-skin cancer removal.  

 Some options for reconstruction include:

  • Primary closure, in which the skin of the Mohs surgical wound is pulled together and sutured
  • Grafting, in which skin from another area of the body is used to cover up the wound created by the Mohs surgery
  • Flap reconstruction, where nearby skin is moved to conceal the wound created after the Mohs technique  

A proper MOH’s reconstruction procedure begins with a thorough preparation of the patient. This includes skin cleansing, devitalized tissue removal, and a mark-up of the wound to facilitate the mapping of surgical margins.

Once the treatment site is prepared, Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart will generate a series of frozen sections for histology evaluation to identify any potentially remaining tumor cells which are then extracted surgically. Then, the appropriate technique for reconstruction will be employed using pre-discussed target harvesting areas from the rest of the body.


Finally, the patient will be discharged with a detailed post-operative and at-home wound care plan. We highly encourage you to follow the instructions as inadequate healing can cause deformity, scarring, and other serious side effects.

MOH’s Reconstruction Recovery

Post-operative care for MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery is an important part of the recovery process. After your surgery, it is extremely important to follow the guidelines your doctor has suggested to ensure a positive outcome and prevent complications.

Post-surgery, you will be monitored in a recovery room until Dr. Nikfarjam decides that you are safe to be discharged. You will need a family member or friend available to drive you home in case you are still feeling some of the effects of sedation.

 It is recommended that you keep your surgical site clean and dry for at least 3-4 days after your procedure. Further, we recommend that you limit strenuous physical activities including specifically those that might cause you to bend down or lift as these movements can strain the sutures.

Protect yourself from further skin injury by wearing clothing that covers the graft sites just enough to avoid aggravating them but still allows ventilation for quick healing.

 Lastly, stay on top of follow-up appointments with Dr. Nikfarjam to monitor the progress of your MOH’s reconstruction surgery recovery.

How Much Does MOH’s Reconstruction Cost in Long Island, NY?

The cost of MOH’s Reconstruction Surgery in Long Island and Manhattan, NYC is widely determined by the extent of the skin cancer, the desired outcome, the specific techniques that Dr. Nikfarjam chooses to use, and the degree and number of procedures necessary to meet your goals. Further, it depends on anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, and a few other factors. The best way to find out how much it will cost for you is to come in for your initial consultation and let Dr. Nikfarjam create your surgical plan. Once made, our Patient Coordinator will be able to show you the price breakdown for your procedure.

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Why choose
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The founder of New You, Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam is an American Board of Plastic Surgery Board Certified Plastic Surgeon based in Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area. Dr. Nikfarjam is well known for his expertise in emergency, cosmetic, and reconstructive plastic surgery and has many journal articles and textbook chapters published throughout the world. Blending both the functional and aesthetic components of the plastic surgery field allows patients to access life-changing procedures that may otherwise have been out of reach. Dr. Nikfarjam leads his team in supporting his vision that plastic surgery is holistic- allowing space for positive lifestyle changes that give patients a happier, healthier state of being and lifelong improvements in overall health. A vanguard of a new generation of plastic surgeons, Dr. Nikfarjam brings a refreshing perspective to a field that has once often been perceived as rigid and unapproachable.

 From the moment you walk in the door, we strive to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming experience. We will help you understand all your treatment options and carefully listen to your concerns. Skilled NYC Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam can recommend a custom treatment plan that is perfect for you. We can help you with financing and payment options to help you get the cosmetic procedures you deserve. Discover a new you by scheduling a consultation.

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If you or someone you know requires addressing facial scars from skin cancer removal, please do not delay reaching out to Dr. Nikfarjam’s New You Plastic Surgery practices in Long Island and Manhattan. We would love to take you on a recovery journey of MOH’s reconstruction surgery with us; with exceptional bedside manners, individual care, concern, and rapid recovery. Dr. Nikfarjam and Dr. Goulart will be able to recommend the right approach to restore your face and reverse the impact of skin cancer, helping you arrive at your unique aesthetic and functional goals and concerns.

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