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3 Tips for a Successful Breast Lift Recovery New York City, NY
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If you are considering a breast lift, you want to be able to achieve the best results possible. Outside of choosing the best plastic surgeon, the recovery process is crucial to helping you achieve the results you desire. Here are three tips for a successful breast lift recovery.

Get Plenty of Rest
To heal properly, you need plenty of rest after surgery. You will need to avoid bending, lifting or straining during the recovery process. These activities can cause your stitches to become loose and increase your risks for complications. Make sure to have someone available to help you take care of children and household responsibilities for a few weeks. It can be a good idea to have meals prepared in advance so you can have the proper nutrition you need while you rest.

Sleep on Your Back
It is important to protect and support the surgery site while you recover. Pressure needs to be avoided in order to allow healing to occur without complications during breast lift recovery. Make sure to sleep on your back to help avoid any unnecessary discomfort. Wear your support bra until swelling and soreness subsides.

Avoid Sexual Intercourse
After a breast lift, your breasts will be sore and swollen for a significant length of time. Sexual activity should be avoided to allow full healing to occur. Your plastic surgeon can advise you on the best time to resume sexual activities so you can achieve optimal results.

Request a Breast Lift Consultation

Before getting a breast lift, it is important to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you are an ideal candidate. When you make an appointment with Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam, you can get your questions answered about this cosmetic procedure and breast lift recovery. Dr. Nikfarjam can offer recommendations to help you achieve the best results possible. Request your breast lift consultation today!

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