Silicone Removal- Treatment and Support

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By Dr. Jeremy nikfarjam

When I launched New You Plastic Surgery in 2020, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I knew that the field of plastic surgery can be so transformative to patients’ lives, and as a physician, I felt it my duty to provide this kind of care to anyone who seeks it.

Long viewed as care only for a certain class or demographic, I wanted to create a place where EVERYONE can have access to plastic surgery and enjoy the myriad benefits of the way the body can look, feel, and function.

Part of that inclusive vision involves meeting the patient where they are- those who are brand new to plastic surgery and those who may have had procedures in the past. Each patient I meet has unique personal and medical histories which inform the type of care we render. This can include history of illness, trauma, failed plastic surgeries, or even illicit procedures.

The Silicone Removal Center

During my training in the Bronx in the early 2000s, I saw an ever increasing population of patients presenting to the hospital with the same exact concerns. These were most often young women presenting to the emergency department with severe buttock pain, back pain, groin pain, swelling, infection, and fevers. They were desperate for help. The hospital staff prescribed antibiotics and sent them on their way. Undoubtedly, they would return to the ER in a month or so with the same presentation. Again, they were given antibiotics and told there was nothing else to be done. And the cycle would go on and on…

These patients all had one thing in common- a history of black market silicone or biopolymer injections. The most heartbreaking aspect of their condition was their hesitancy to discuss their history with medical providers out of shame, fear of judgment, or fear that there is no solution.

I knew I had to find a way to help these patients who were victimized by these illegal injectors and so obviously suffering. So as soon as I entered into private practice, opening New You Plastic Surgery, I simultaneously began developing the Silicone Removal Center. I knew these patients needed a place to be heard, understood, and treated in a manner that is comprehensive, yields positive aesthetic outcomes, and above all puts safety first.

The Silicone Removal Center helps to serve New You’s primary purpose which is to make treatment through plastic surgery accessible to all who seek it. Since its inception, we’ve helped hundreds of patients get their lives back by surgically removing silicone from the body. This decreasesor even eliminates these debilitating symptoms and restores the functionality and aesthetic nature of their bodies. The mission is simple- to take this condition out of the shadows and to educate the population on the availability of treatment.

Silicone injection is illegal in the United States

The FDA has not approved the injection of silicone material for cosmetic purposes because of the serious associated health risks. The FDA has found that silicone injections can cause a variety of serious health problems, including:

While illegal, there are still many individuals who offer silicone (or “biopolymer” or “PMMA”) injections and continue to do so despite the direct harm they are causing. Like in any other black market, these individuals deceive and persuade in order to make a profit. And they count on their victim’s silence to ensure they won’t get caught.

Seek the treatment you deserve and spread the word

If you’ve been injected by a foreign substance of any kind, you are not alone and treatment is possible.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

I encourage all silicone victims to share their stories- criminals rely on their victims’ silence in order to evade consequences. More and more, we are seeing these individuals facing prosecution thereby ending their misconduct and saving future victims. But there are still individuals out there performing these illegal acts every day and the public needs to be warned.

Silicone victims should seek treatment from a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this unique condition. What I have seen in practice is that the symptoms of silicone disease only worsen with time and can lead to dire consequences.

Please help us spread the message and encourage others to speak up. We are starting a monthly virtual forum for silicone victims to share their experiences, ask questions about treatment options, and find support. Additional online group support can be found on this private Facebook group-
You are not alone in this struggle- treatment and recovery are possible!

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