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Silicone Injection Removal Can Sometimes be Covered by Insurance

Have you recently had buttock augmentation but are not satisfied with the results? These silicone implants are often injected by black market practitioners who are not trained in proper procedures. This can cause a person to experience uncomfortable side effects such as excruciating pain, infections, skin loss and even death. You can have these issues corrected through a surgical injection removal. This cosmetic procedure can safely and effectively remove the implants so you can feel better.

Dangers of Biopolymer Substances

Biopolymer substances are foreign materials that do not naturally occur in the body. This includes material such as silicone or oil-based ingredients, none of which are FDA-approved for injections. These materials can cause severe reactions ranging from inflammation to death. If left untreated, these materials can migrate and cause complications to other areas of the body. Early silicone injection removal is crucial to ensure healing and protection of your overall health.

An ideal candidate for silicone injection removal is an individual who has received these injections and is experiencing side effects. You may want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam if you are suffering from inflammation, chronic pain or tingling in the arms or legs. He will review your situation and make recommendations on the best treatment options for you. If you are healthy enough for surgery, Dr. Nikfarjam can explain the benefits and risks of the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Silicone Injection Removal Procedure

The procedure for silicone injection removal will depend on a few factors. The techniques will depend on the amount of liquid silicone, the complications being experienced and the number of treatment areas. The procedure generally involves incisions so the surgeon can remove the silicone. More than one treatment session may be required.

Reverse a Silicon Butt Lift Injection

A silicone butt lift injection is a cosmetic procedure where people may not be satisfied with the results. This procedure can be reversed, but may not restore your buttocks to the way they looked before the procedure. If you are experiencing issues with your butt lift augmentation, you may want to consider contacting Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam for a consultation.

Brazilian Butt Lift Augmentation Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that uses your body fat to improve the appearance of your buttocks. Fat deposits can be taken from the back or abdomen to be used for injection. For those individuals who do not have enough body fat to accumulate for injections, a Brazilian butt lift augmentation with implants can be an ideal alternative.

A reverse butt lift augmentation procedure is performed. Instead of fat deposits being injected, they are removed through liposuction. Overfill fat grafting may be difficult to reverse, as the liposuction can cause the skin to sag. Skin tightening can help minimize these effects, but you may not have the buttocks you had prior to the Brazilian butt lift augmentation surgery.

This cosmetic procedure does not leave large visible scars. The injections heal without leaving any marks on the skin. The surgery can last anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the number of areas required for fat harvesting. Some pain and discomfort may be experienced after surgery. You may be required to sleep on your stomach or sides to avoid pressure until the injection areas heal.

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Get relief from the unwanted side effects of buttock implants by scheduling a consultation. NYC board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam is highly experienced in silicone injection removal and reverse Brazilian butt lift augmentation. He will examine you and review your medical history to determine if you are an ideal candidate. Schedule a consultation today.

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