Male Plastic Surgery Can Enhance Life Opportunities

in New York

By Dr. Jeremy nikfarjam

Youth is often a great equalizer when it comes to love and career opportunities. If you have worked hard to get where you are, aging shouldn’t become a barrier to further success. Unfortunately, people often make snap judgments based on appearances.

In personal and working relationships, your character should count for more than aesthetics. However, both men and women are judged on physical features including weight, facial expressions and age. If you are tired of fighting a losing battle, it is time to change the narrative.

Male Facial Plastic Surgery

Male facial rejuvenation is possible using several procedures to reduce the impacts of aging. Sagging or wrinkled skin can betray your years. By removing and tightening excess skin, you will look much younger than your true age.

Excess fat can heavily impact on the male facial features. At New You Plastic Surgery, we can address this issue through fat removal combined with muscle and tissue repositioning. The results are astounding, leaving you looking and feeling much younger.

Are you unhappy with the shape and size of your nose? Consider rhinoplasty surgery from New You Plastic Surgery in New York. We can create a nose that better balances your features and creates symmetry. A rhinoplasty can soften or sharpen features, depending on your personal goals.

Sculpting Male Features

One of the greatest benefits of male plastic surgery is reinventing your appearance. At New You Plastic Surgery, we can use advanced sculpting procedures to achieve your desired look. Some patients want sharper features, whereas others prefer a softer aesthetic.

Sculpting of facial features may involve a combination of procedures to produce optimal rejuvenating effects. Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam will work closely with you to determine the best treatment plan for your needs at his New York offices.

Male Plastic Surgery Consultation

To determine if you are a good candidate for male plastic surgery, Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam would like to invite you to a consultation. Reach out to New You Plastic Surgery today to book your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you at our New York offices in the near future.

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