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Many patients are aware that insurance companies do not cover “cosmetic” procedures. However, there are many plastic surgery procedures that correct or restore a functional impairment and are therefore considered medically necessary. These reconstructive procedures are accompanied by a positive aesthetic outcome and bridge the gap between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam of New You Plastic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon that works with many insurance companies. Out-of-Network Insurance benefits help with many of the surgeries he performs due to their restorative or corrective nature. Many insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits for the following surgeries listed below:

  • Breast Reduction – Large breasts can create or exacerbate back problems, leading to chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain and impacting the quality of life.
  • Silicone Removal – Silicone injections may cause serious, life-threatening complications if gone untreated.
  • Keloid Removal – The scar tissue produced by keloids can be disfiguring, and in some instances, can restrict movement or create other complications.
  • Nasal Fractures – A broken nose can result in breathing problems as well as disfigurement.
  • Deviated Septum – Patients suffering from a deviated septum have problems breathing through their nose, leading to a variety of health problems.
  • Scar Removal – Hypertrophic scars can cause itching, rashing, and difficulty wearing clothing.
  • Revision Plastic Surgery – Poor outcomes from previous cosmetic surgeries can cause chronic functional impairments that necessitate correction.

Do not assume that your health insurance will not cover or help with the expenses of the procedure you need. Some plastic surgery procedures may have aesthetically beneficial results while at the same time addressing the medical issues that need attention.

Insurance Process

Your Insurance May Cover or Help with Your Procedure

Dr. Nikfarjam works with the out-of-network benefits from many different insurance companies, including:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross
  • Cigna
  • Emblem
  • Horizon
  • NYSHIP Empire
  • Oxford
  • United Healthcare

If your insurance company is not listed, call us to find out if your insurance provider offers out-of-network benefits that you can take utilize for your procedure.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure, it is essential that you know the person performing the surgery is well-qualified and board certified. You also want to be assured that the surgeon has the skills and expertise to carry out the procedure and deliver the best cosmetic results possible. When you require plastic surgery, contact Dr. Nikfarjam, and schedule a consultation appointment. He as he is a top, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is one of the best choices for your procedure!

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