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woman in jeans shows a large scar on her stomach

After a traumatic injury, your skin can have an abnormal reaction, resulting in hypertrophic scars. This is typically caused by an overproduction of collagen due to an infected wound. These scars are common with burns, acne and piercings. Hypertrophic scar removal minimizes these visible marks so you can feel more confident with your appearance.

Hypertrophic Scar Specialist

There are several treatment options a hypertrophic scar specialist can use to reduce the visibility of scar tissue. Corticosteroid injections once every six weeks can soften and flatten these scars. However, these injections must be limited, as they can weaken normal tissue. Laser therapy and cryotherapy help flatten these scars and relieve itching and pain.

A hypertrophic scar that is at least a year old can be corrected through surgery. The scar may be reduced in size or repositioned to a less visible area. Fat from your body may be injected to fill in sunken areas. The hypertrophic scar could possibly be completely removed through skin expansion. This surgical procedure involves implanting a small balloon under the skin to inflate it to remove the scar and graft the wound.

Ideal Hypertrophic Scar Removal Candidates

If you are considering hypertrophic scar removal, you should be healthy enough for surgery. Smoking and underlying medical conditions can create complications during treatment. You may not be an ideal candidate if you have skin diseases or active acne in the location of the scarring.

Request a Hypertrophic Scar Removal Consultation

If you are concerned about hypertrophic scars, make a consultation appointment with NYC board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam. During this appointment, Dr. Nikfarjam will examine your scars and determine if you are an ideal candidate. You can receive information about the procedure and its risks. Dr. Nikfarjam can create a customized treatment plan to assist you with your cosmetic goals. Schedule a hypertrophic scar removal consultation today.

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