Five Common Reasons for a Breast Augmentation

in New York

By Dr. Jeremy nikfarjam

The breasts are a feature essential to achieving a feminine silhouette for many women. However, every woman has different ideas about what makes the perfect aesthetic. That is why choosing the right breast augmentation procedure for your needs is so important.

There are several reasons that a woman may choose breast augmentation. Factors fall into the two major categories of health and beauty. These categories are further broken down into considerations that directly impact the individual.

Breast Lift

As women age, their breasts often begin to sag. This can cause feelings of depression or significantly impact confidence. A breast lift can restore support, giving the patient a more pleasing aesthetic. At New You Plastic Surgery, we are available for a breast lift consultation in New York City.

Reshaped Breasts

Breasts come in all shapes, and not all women are happy with their natural form. If you would prefer a specific aesthetic, plastic surgery is an option. Dr. Nikfarjam can use augmentation procedures to sculpt the breasts into a shape that is more pleasing to the eye.

Larger Breasts

Some women feel insecure about having small breasts. Whether you would personally like breast enlargement or are trying to appeal to a particular type of partner, we have solutions. Silicone implants will give you a size and confidence boost in NYC.

Smaller Breasts

While it is true that many women long for larger breasts, the opposite is also true. Women typically seek a breast reduction due to health and comfort concerns. However, this type of procedure also has aesthetic benefits for women whose large breasts do not suit the rest of their figure.

Breast Surgery Revision

If you have had previous botched breast surgeries, Dr. Nikfarjam can reverse the damage. This type of procedure is often associated with silicone implant procedures. Leaking silicone is a potential health hazard. In addition, breasts that simply do not look right after surgery may also warrant revision.

To learn more about the benefits of breast surgery procedures in New York City, reach out to New You Plastic Surgery for a consultation today.

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