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womans face with a medical dressing on the nose after cosmetic surgery

Facial trauma from accidents and injuries can impact the appearance and function of your facial features. If not repaired, complications can develop that significantly impair your facial nerves and muscles. This trauma can deeply affect your personal and professional life and cause you to lose your self-esteem and confidence. Facial trauma cosmetic plastic surgery helps restore the aesthetics and functionality of your appearance to improve your quality of life.

Facial Trauma Cosmetic Procedures

There are a wide variety of facial trauma procedures that can be used, depending on the extent of the injuries. Injuries may be repaired through bone or skin grafts. In some cases, implants could be required to provide structure and support. Dermal fillers and injections may improve and maintain a person’s physical appearance. Multiple procedures can be used to help you achieve your desired results.

The length of recovery will vary from person to person. Additional cosmetic procedures may be needed over time, depending on the extent of the injuries. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will help determine what cosmetic procedures may be necessary and if you are an ideal candidate.

Ideal Facial Trauma Repair Candidates

Individuals considering facial trauma repair generally have extensive injuries impairing the function and aesthetics of their face. Examples of common injuries include facial lacerations, fractures and disfigurement. An ideal candidate should be a non-smoker who has no underlying medical conditions that impede healing.

Request a Facial Trauma Consultation

If you are struggling with facial trauma, a consultation with NYC board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam can help. Dr. Nikfarjam will perform a comprehensive medical exam and recommend the best treatment options for you. During your appointment, you can learn more about the various facial trauma treatments and their risks. Schedule a facial trauma consultation today.

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