Face, Nose and Ear Surgeries for Retiring Combat Sports Athletes

in New York

By Dr. Jeremy nikfarjam

Combat sports athletes put their bodies through hell to achieve ultimate glory. From boxing to MMA, there is a spectrum of competitive fighting disciplines that typically leave participants with scars and other war wounds.

Due to the nature of combat sports, the face and ears are most prone to injuries. Repeated trauma can break bones or cause deformities. Once a fighter retires, he or she takes these marks with them forever. That is, unless an experienced plastic surgeon can provide reconstruction and aesthetic procedures to erase them.

Facial Reconstruction

Facial reconstruction may involve several procedures combined to eliminate the visible and functional scars of battle. Scar revision can improve the appearance of tissue that has been damaged in combat. Additionally, many fighters will benefit from nasal surgeries to correct damage and restore balance.

At New You Plastic Surgery, we can create a treatment plan for retiring combat sports athletes. Our goal is to provide you with the facial aesthetics you desire. We can restore balance and symmetry to features that have suffered damage during competition. Procedures may include a facelift, cheek implants, chin augmentation and more.

Ear Surgeries

Cauliflower ear is a common deformity that results from repeated blunt-force trauma. Punches, kicks and grinding in wrestling can leave the ears looking bulbous or protruding. These issues can be addressed at New You Plastic Surgery in New York.

Once you are committed to hanging up your gloves, restoring youthful looks is the prize you deserve. Some fighters prefer to wear battle scars with pride, but for others, there are functional and aesthetic considerations that may hinder progression on a new career path.

Plastic Surgery Consultation in New York

The first step toward achieving your aesthetic goals in New York is a consultation at New You Plastic Surgery. We can provide answers to any questions you may have about facial, nasal or ear reconstruction procedures.

All treatments at New You Plastic Surgery are patient-guided, which means we can sculpt your face according to your desires and unique needs. Call our New York offices today to learn more or book your first appointment with our passionate specialists.

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