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womans face with a medical dressing on the nose after cosmetic surgery

Your eyelids protect your eyes from injury. Certain health conditions can cause damage to the eyelids, preventing them from doing their job. If your eyelids have become damaged from internal or external conditions, eye reconstruction surgery can be beneficial. This cosmetic procedure corrects certain conditions that cause the eyelids to roll inward and outward as well as drooping eyelids.

If reconstructive surgery is necessary to treat trauma or disease, various cosmetic techniques can be used. Treatment options can include grafts, eyelid tightening and the release of scar tissue. The recovery period varies, depending on the extent of the damage. Multiple surgical procedures may be needed for severe injuries.

Oculoplastic Cosmetic Surgery

Oculoplastic cosmetic surgery involves removing excess skin and tissue from the eyelids. The procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the repair. You may need to wear an eye patch for a day. The recovery period can take about two weeks for inflammation and bruising to fully heal.

Ideal Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery Candidates

There are several medical conditions where eyelid reconstruction surgery may be needed. If you have skin cancer on your eyelid or suffered an injury to your eyelid, you may be an ideal candidate. Weak or droopy eyelids could require reconstruction. If you have eyelids that turn inward or outward, eyelid reconstruction surgery may be the best treatment solution.

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If you are experiencing issues with your eyelids that are impacting your vision, you may want to consider an eyelid reconstruction surgery consultation. During your appointment, you can meet with NYC board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam. Dr. Nikfarjam will examine your eyelids and recommend the best treatment plan for you. He can explain the benefits and risks of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Schedule a consultation today.

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