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Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease that affects men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The disease is often treated by removal of breast tissue to stop its spread. Many women can experience anxiety and discomfort about how they will look following breast tissue removal. Breast reconstruction plastic surgery can help restore the breast tissue to help women feel more confident about their appearance.

Breast Reconstruction Process

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done with a mastectomy or anytime afterward. Done with a mastectomy, it can spare people from the trauma of not seeing a breast when waking up. A plastic surgeon uses different techniques to place implants during the surgery. Nipple and areola reconstruction may be done at the time of the procedure or in a following surgery.

The procedure typically requires a hospital stay of two to five days. Recovery time varies, depending on the technique used during surgery. It can take around six weeks before you can resume normal activities.

Different Breast Reconstruction Techniques

There are two common techniques used for breast reconstruction surgery. Skin expansion places a balloon expander underneath the skin and chest muscle. A salt water solution is injected to fill the expander gradually. The expander may then be replaced with a breast implant.

Flap reconstruction involves making a pocket for an implant from tissue taken from other areas of the body. This a more complex procedure, and recovery may take longer. Flap reconstruction is used to help create a more natural look with the implant.

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If you are looking to receive breast reconstruction surgery, the first step is to schedule a consultation. Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam is a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced in this type of procedure. He can meet with you and recommend a treatment plan that is best suited for your needs. Schedule a breast reconstruction consultation today.

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