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The Benefits of Kenalog Injection for Scar Treatment New York City, NY
Scar Treatment

Raised scars can cause embarrassment and other issues for those who suffer from the condition. You may find that your choices of clothes, hairstyles, personal and work interactions are dictated by the appearance of these skin blemishes.

Known as hypertrophic scars and keloids, raised scars are the result of injury or agitation that occurs in the lower skin layers. The severity of injury is irrelevant, as a mosquito bite can cause irritation in much the same way as a scar from surgery.

In many cases, the raised scar will not appear until months after an injury. If you are suffering from hypertrophic scarring, the resulting tissue will take the shape of the initial injury. However, keloids can encroach on healthy skin and create what looks like a new injury.

These scars are difficult to treat, as further incisions can provoke the bodily processes that create new scar tissue. Kenalog injections are a treatment that is designed with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the appearance of raised scars.

Flattening Raised Scars

The main aim of treatment for raised scars is reducing the appearance of the affected tissue. There are instances where an experienced plastic surgeon can significantly eliminate the visibility of scarring. Unfortunately, in many cases, lessening the appearance of scar tissue is the most effective outcome.

The good news is that Kenalog injections often result in darker scars lightening, which can further reduce visibility in combination with flattening the scar. Results will vary from patient to patient due to factors such as skin type, ethnicity and any genetic components involved in the occurrence of keloid or hypertrophic scars.

New You Plastic Surgery will usually recommend Kenalog injections every few weeks. The number of sessions you will need at our New York offices typically depends on the type of scarring and any other relevant factors.

The first step in the process of reducing the impact of raised scars is a consultation with our plastic surgery specialist. This appointment allows us to determine the type of tissue that needs treatment, and which approach will result in the best outcomes.

Call New You Plastic Surgery today to learn more about Kenalog injections for the treatment of keloid or hypertrophic scarring.

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