How to Reduce Swelling from Lip Enhancement

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By Dr. Jeremy nikfarjam

Dermal lip fillers can help enhance the proportion and balance that can fade as you get older. As with many cosmetic procedures, swelling can be a common occurrence with lip enhancement. Knowing how to prevent and manage swelling can help you achieve greater comfort and a faster recovery. Here is everything you need to know on how to reduce swelling after lip enhancement procedures.

How Long Does Swelling Typically Last?

The amount of swelling a person has can depend on the number of injections and sensitivity to dermal lip fillers. After lip enhancement , swelling usually subsides in less than four days. In rare instances, swelling can last up to two weeks. If you have any concerns, make sure to consult with our plastic surgeon right away.

Swelling Prevention Tips Before Lip Enhancement

There are a few things you can do prior to your lip enhancement procedure to help minimize swelling. Remove sodium rich foods and alcohol from your diet that can aggravate inflammation days to weeks before the procedure. Blood thinning medications like aspirin or certain supplements can make swelling worse. You may want to consult with your plastic surgeon to discuss any issues that can affect the amount of swelling you have after lip injections.

What to Do After Lip Enhancement

After your lip enhancement, there are ways you can help relieve uncomfortable swelling faster. You can apply a cold compress around the affected area, but be careful not to place any pressure directly on the lips. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and sleep with your head elevated. Avoid using straws or makeup for a few days. Your surgeon may also give you specific aftercare instructions to help speed your recovery.

Boost Your Appearance with Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement can help you become more self-confident about your overall appearance. While swelling can be expected, the discomfort can be minimized so you can return to your normal daily activities faster. New You Plastic Surgery specializes in a wide range of lip enhancement procedures to help you look and feel your best. Schedule a consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate today.

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