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woman in jeans shows a large scar on her stomach

Are you embarrassed by your C-section scars that do not seem to be fading as you would like? Sometimes after a C-section, the scars do not heal well and create an uneven surface. While many scars fade away over time, some women can be left with scars that last a lifetime. A mini C-tuck for scar revision can help them become less noticeable. This corrective procedure involves less recovery time than a traditional tummy tuck and is covered by insurance.

Insurance-Covered Scar Revision

Cosmetic surgeries are typically not covered by major health insurance policies. However, a mini C-tuck for scar revision is an insurance-covered corrective procedure. Women may choose to have this procedure for a variety of reasons. The C-section scar may be deformed and cause a flap of skin to hang over it. Painful lesions called keloids might develop and continue to grow, affecting appearance and freedom of movement.

Diet and exercise are ineffective at reducing excess fat and skin after a C-section. A mini C-tuck for scar removal can be a safer alternative than a traditional tummy tuck. The incision can be less visible with fewer side effects and complications. The surgeon will give you special aftercare instructions after the procedure to help you achieve the best results.

What Does a Mini C-Tuck for Scar Revision Entail?

This procedure is not performed immediately after or in conjunction with a cesarian section delivery. The best time to get a mini C-tuck for scar revision is at least six months after your C-section. In a mini C-tuck for scar revision, the old scar is removed, and a new incision line is formed using adjacent tissue. The minimally invasive procedure is performed using local anesthesia. Normal activities may be resumed approximately two weeks after the procedure. Improvement can be noticed immediately, with optimal results being achieved within six weeks to three months.

A mini C-tuck for scar revision can be performed at the same time as other plastic surgery procedures like a Mommy Makeover. A mini tummy tuck can help remove excess fat and skin with liposuction to help you look your best. Laser therapy can help reduce discoloration and create a smoother surface with less scarring. More aggressive scars can be treated with repeated steroid injections. During a consultation, you can discuss all the available treatment options to create a customized plan just for you.

Ideal Candidates for Mini C-Tuck for Scar Revision

The ideal candidate for a mini C-tuck for scar revision should be healthy enough for surgery. It is best suited for non-smoking mothers who are near their ideal weight. If you have an excess amount of belly fat or skin, you may need a full tummy tuck instead. Candidates who do need a tummy tuck or were unhappy with their results can still have a mini C-tuck for scar revision tailored for their needs. This procedure can also be beneficial for women with diastasis recti to help restore the abdominal wall.

A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary to determine if this procedure is right for you. During your appointment, the surgeon will perform a comprehensive exam and explain the risks and benefits. Any questions and concerns you have will be addressed at this time.

Request a Mini C-Tuck for Scar Revision Consultation

Unsightly C-section scars can affect your self-confidence and may cause future health problems if they get infected. A mini C-tuck for scar revision can reduce embarrassing scars so you can feel great about yourself again, and it is covered by your health insurance.

At New You Plastic Surgery, several scar removal and revision procedures are available to help restore your appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Nikfarjam can examine you and determine the ideal treatment plan for your needs. Schedule a consultation for a mini C-tuck for scar revision today.

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